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About Us

Yoko's Story

Yoko, a teacher of Little Garden Kitchen, grew up in Japan. Her mother cooked healthy Japanese food every day for her family, and Yoko​ started to cook with her mother when she was a child. 

Yoko's dream of introducing Japanese home cooking using seasonal vegetables started when she was a university student. She went to Australia and stayed at a lovely small organic farmer in Tasmania island. The family was vegetarian, and Yoko enjoyed picking vegetables in their garden and cooking vegetarian food together. Vegetarian food made from garden vegetables was inspiring. This experience encouraged her to grow organic vegetables in her garden and introduce Japanese food using these in-season vegetables in the future.


Our contribution to sustainability

Contributing to sustainability is our core value. Little Garden Kitchen believes we can do something good for the beautiful earth, all lives of living things & plants, and our health.

We use organic ingredients, seasonal vegetables from our garden or from local farmers which are grown organic way* as much as we can for our cooking classes.

*They are not certified but are grown organic way.

Stripe Climate Badge - Small.png

At Little Garden Kitchen, we contribute 1 % of our revenue to carbon removal. Learn more.

A teacher of the cooking class harvested summer vegetables
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