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Udon salad with summer vegetables

Salad Udon

Perfect udon noodles recipe for hot summer. Enjoy cold udon and summer vegetables which go well with Mentsuyu (Noodle soup base) and vegan mayonnaise. In this recipe, we also introduce how to make udon noodles from scratch!

Udon salad with summer vegetables
Udon salad with summer vegetables

Make time: 30 minutes | Serves: 2



about 400g fresh udon noodles or 200g dried udon

Adjust the amount of udon depending on what kind of udon you use.

summer vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, Okura, lettuce, and so on

spring onion and green shiso for topping - optional

Fresh summer vegetables from our garden
Fresh summer vegetables from our garden

<Noodle soup base>

50ml water or broth

30ml Mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine)

25ml Shoyu (soy sauce)

<Vegan mayonnaise>

100ml soy milk

4 tbs of oil

1 tbs of rice vinegar or white wine vinegar

½ tsp of agave syrup or ⅔ sugar

1 tsp of mustard - optional

1 tsp of white miso - optional


<Prepare the noodle soup base>

Put all the ingredients of the noodle soup base into a small pot, and heat them until boiling. Let it cool in a fridge.

<Prepare vegan mayonnaise>

Mix all the ingredients of vegan mayonnaise well with a mixer or a blender.

Cut vegetables.

Cucumber, tomato, Okura and lettuce
Cucumber, tomato, Okura and lettuce

Boil Okura and drain water with a strainer. Let it cool naturally.

Boil 2 liters of water in a large pot and cook udon noodles for about 10 minutes if you use fresh udon. Drain the cooking water using a strainer, and rinse the cooked noodles under running water. Put noodles into iced water to let them cool.

Drain the iced water using a strainer, and remove excess water well.

Serve udon and vegetables. Top spring onion and green shiso. Pour the noodle soup base. Put vegan mayonnaise.

Udon salad with summer vegetables

Handmade Udon from scratch

Why don’t you try to make fresh udon from scratch? Very simple ingredients and you can enjoy the chewy and elastic texture.

Handmade Udon noodles from scratch
Handmade Udon from scratch


300g all-purpose flour /150g bread flour and 150g cake flour

9g salt

145ml warm water

*Adjust the amount of water depending on humidity and temperature

potato starch/cornstarch/flour for sprinkling on the dough to prevent it from sticking.


Mix salt and warm water, and melt the salt. Place all-purpose flour in a mixing bowl. If you use bread flour and cake flour, mix them together. Add salt water into the flour in 3-4 addition. Mix them using your fingers. The dough will be shaggy. Knead the dough and make it into a ball shape. Then, move the dough to a cutting board, and knead it using the palm of your hand and your body’s weight for about 10 minutes. When the dough becomes smooth and bouncy, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest for about 2 hours.

After dusting potato starch on a bread kneading table or a clean table, put the dough. Dust potato starch on the dough as well.

Use a rolling pin to stretch the dough, and make it 1/16-inch(2mm) thick and shaped like a square.

Dust potato starch on the dough, and fold the dough into thirds. Place the dough on a cutting board, and cut it in 1/16-inch(2mm) widths.


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