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Ginger Miso

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Shoga Miso

This simple homemade ginger miso is a good accompaniment for rice or "onigiri", rice-ball. Enjoy the flavor of miso and ginger.

Onigiri (rice-ball) with hulled barley topped with ginger miso
Onigiri (rice-ball) with hulled barley topped with ginger miso

Make time 20 minutes



Miso 200g (Homemade miso or organic miso is preferable)

Mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine) 60ml

Gingers 100g

Oil 2 tsp (Sesame oil is preferable)


Place miso and mirin in a bowl and mix them well.

Wash gingers well. Peel and mince them.

Place oil in a pot, and heat it on medium-low heat. Add gingers and cook them for a few minutes. Turn off the heat. Add miso and mirin, and mix them with gingers well. Cook them using a wooden spatula (or heat-resistance spatula) on low heat for about 5 minutes till the alcohol of mirin evaporates.

Place them in a container, and keep them in a fridge. You can keep them for about 2 weeks.


Homemade miso is good...

Homemade organic miso
Homemade organic miso

If you have a chance, try to make your own miso. The ingredients are very simple - only rice and/or barley (rice and/or barley koji, a kind of fungus), soybeans, and salt. No artificial preservatives or additives.

It's very easy to make miso. Boil soybeans, and mash them well in a bowl. Mix salt and rice and/or barley koji well in another bowl. Mix mashed soybeans, salt, and rice and/or barley koji all together. Make a small ball shape and place them in a container. Cover miso with salt and put a weight on it. Keep them in a cool and dark place for about 10 months. After 10 months your miso is ready to eat!

You will notice "umami" of soybeans and rich flavor once you have it in your mouse as it took a long time to ferment.

If you want to buy miso at a grocery store, try to find an organic one, or the ingredients are simple and the one which took a long time to ferment. Again, "Real Miso" is made from rice and/or barley, soybeans, and salt.

Little Garden Kitchen tries to use organic ingredients, homemade food, and garden-fresh vegetables which would be kind for our health and also for the beautiful earth as much as possible. Read our story.

Homegrown gingers
Homegrown gingers


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